An “ITCH” to be Thankful for!


An ITCH to be thankful for!


“Let me introduce myself. I’m your next big thing” portends the opening line of Adam Labeaux’s expansive new CD Itch. That is more than braggadocio if this music veteran has anything to say about it!


Four years in the making, Itch marks the 6th full length release for Labeaux. The songs in this new body of work include wistful folk ballads, gritty blues, country stadium-rock, jazz soaked grooves, all the way to dirty funk, cohesively glued together with Adam at the helm of a crack band effortlessly gliding between styles. While supported by the occasional vocalist (including Lucciana Costa on the duet White Flag), Adam takes a page from Martin Sexton’s and Bobby McFerrin’s book, choosing to handle the majority of the backing vocals.


Multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Adam Labeaux has been performing professionally for 25 years. A founding member of Ann Arbor’s own the Ragbirds with roots deeply imbedded in the Michigan music scene, Adam has built a super-group backing band for Itch that reads like a veritable who’s who of Michigan maestros: Brennan Duncan Andes (the Macpodz, Luke Winslow King) on bass, Michael Shimmin (Seth Bernard & May Erlewine, Madcat Ruth) on drums, Ross Huff (the Macpodz, the Tone Farmers) on trumpet, Daryl Bean (Bugs Beddows Band, Shotgun Soul) on sax, Bill Kunz (Hullabaloo, Shotgun Soul) on trombone, Liz Girard (Shotgun Soul, the Infatuations) backing vocals, and Colin Murphy (Back Forty) on violin.


Adam tours throughout Michigan and the surrounding states, racking up over 100 shows in 2016 alone, including the Ann Arbor Summer fest, Campus Martius summer series, and the Detroit Winter Blast. Live, Adam often performs solo with a looper and harmonizer, allowing him to be a “one-man band”. However, in 2016 he established his band, the Cloudbuilders (Galen Bundy on keys, and Daniel McDonald on drums) which has a revolving “formation” of musicians. While built around Adam’s songs, the Cloudbuilder’s approach is an improvisational conversation that allows for each performance to be fresh and exciting.


November 23rd, the night before Thanksgiving, Adam Labeaux and the Cloudbuilders will perform a free show at the Rumpus Room in Chelsea, MI from 8-10pm (doors at 7pm) for his official CD release party; an Itch you will be thankful for!