If home is where the heart is, and the soul speaks to the heart, and Adam Labeaux sings to the soul, what does that mean?

Multi-instrumentalist, Adam Labeaux has been performing professionally since 1992. Michigan born, he was chorally-trained, and taught himself guitar by listening to records and watching other musicians. He is a fierce rhythmic guitarist, an adept finger-style player, and an inspired improvisational lead guitarist. On stage he is dynamic and personable, engaging audiences and weaving stories throughout his performances.

Adam’s music, once aptly dubbed “Heartland Soul” by a fan, draws from a wide array of interests and influences. At any time you may find the juxtaposition of folk, soul, country, funk, jazz, and rock. Listening to his songs, that touch on the topics of love, loss, sexuality, longing, and hope, you will find yourself in a comfortable pocket like the one belonging to your wallet in your favorite pair of jeans.


Adam bought his first guitar, a 12-string Ventura with a poorly repaired headstock, in a shady motel deal in mid-Michigan with $75 he borrowed (and has yet to pay back) from his father. He is known for his powerful voice, and wide range. Adam sings with abandon, tenderness, and a rhythmic flow that gives a respectful nod to hip-hop and jazz.

Adam has released three full-length CDs, and has appeared as a guest on several others. His first CD release “Food for Thought”, with the jazz-rock quintet Perplex, was hailed as “Easily one of the most repeatedly enjoyable listening experiences one is ever bound to encounter.” by the Bay Area Review Magazine.

Temporarily redirecting himself artistically, Adam spent a year and a half at the Academy of Art College of San Francisco. But, following in the footsteps of many musicians before him, he left the AAC to again dedicate himself to music.

Nearly three years later Adam returned to Michigan to join the thriving music movement there. He hosted a successful weekly open mic in Ypsilanti with the Dan Arbor Band (the Dan Arbor band would later evolve into Michigan club and festival sweethearts Back Forty), and performed regionally for over a year before they disbanded to explore other musical projects.

Adam then joined forces with Erin Zindle and Randall Moore to form the world beat influenced international touring band the Ragbirds. As the founding guitarist for the Ragbirds, Adam performed in prestigious venues and festivals from Michigan to New York, opening for acts such as Hot Tuna, Tony Rice, and Tom Constanten of the Grateful Dead. The time spent in the Ragbirds allowed Adam to grow artistically, and professionally.

Adam now returns to his roots as a solo performer and recording artist. In 2012, Adam built “the Box” adding another dimension to his solo performances.

If home is where the heart is, and the soul speaks to the heart, and Adam Labeaux sings to the soul, listening to his music you will find yourself home.