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Adam's new full length album will be released, and begin shipping June 3rd, 2023. Pre-order yours now!

Here is what people are saying about it:

“Adam Labeaux's CD, ‘Brave Face’, is a gem.[It] was exquisite, highly polished, full and lush.Adam's voice is strong and distinctive.”
- Peter Madcat Ruth, Grammy Award Winner

“With equal parts ‘the sounds of today’ and ‘the classic sounds of the 70’s & 80’s pop’, Labeaux has a strong new release on his hands. [The album] had me feeling nostalgic for the radio I listened to as a kid.”
- John Bommarito, host of the podcast and playlist Acoustic Alternatives

“This record was a great listen! Some stellar vocal and instrumental work throughout.”
- Jay Frydenlund, guitarist and vocalist for the band Chirp

“Great work of art!”
- Joe Makowski, drummer for the Michigan State Fair Superstar winners, the Gasoline Gypsies

"Brave Face" CD + download card

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