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Brace Face by Adam Labeaux

S’been so long since you got a break

(Seems the) wind comes in (and starts) knocking down everything you make

Got no pillow. Got no bed. You never get to/no rest

Don’t seem right you up all night looking for what’s left

Sometimes it seems like the world hits you square

On the chin. Ain’t nothing you can do but laying there

Your head starts to spin. You think you’ll never win, or put yourself back in(to) place

All you can do is put on a brave face

All you can do is put on a brave face

All you can do is put on a brave face

Hands shaking, you clench your fists so tight

Hurt so deep, (ain’t) nothing seem(s) right

Asking why to empty walls in an empty house

Praying hard for the sun, but all you see/get is clouds

Sometimes the world, it’s gonna get you down

Something or somebody turns your whole scene upside-down

(Ain’t) no use crying a single tear. No one to hear. Such a pity. Such a waste.

Gotta get up, put your two feet on the floor

Try to shake it off, and ask ‘em for some more

Gotta pull yourself up, [open up the shades/get back in the race]

Hold/lift your head up, and face the new day.


Wanna give up, it gets so tough

How much can one man take before he’s had enough?

[Rain on window/Tears on your face] leave tracks in the grime

Take away the pain, and you’re just doing time

Sometimes the world catches you right in it’s sights

The weight comes down, a thousand pounds. The sky turns black as night

You wait in line ‘til closing time, but you’ve still got an empty plate

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