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Don't Listen by Adam Labeaux

Do you remember November?

No? Get out while you can

Winter’s here

It’s a cold night

But it’ll be right where you left it

But, but where you gonna be now?

I’ve been falling asleep at the wheel

And I____ can’t get there

But don’t you listen to me

I’ve got my head all full of miles

And bitter coffee

And the conversation lost me

It’s a thorn it’s a crumb, it’s a crust

It’s a wet weight down

It’s a stroke of bad luck

Get on or get out of the way

I’ve got a head full of ghosts

But/I’ve got nothing to say

I believe in the signs I‘ve read

“Get off now, ‘cause there (‘s/ain’t) nothing ahead”

Less can be more. It’s a Lesson learned

You’ve got to get in line if you want your turn

Don’t leave too easy. Don’t leave and be me

You can’t get the news if you’ve got no station

Peace. Parley. What’d Judas say?

I can’t remember I guess I’m just sorry

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