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Hold On by Adam Labeaux

I can’t choose between you and myself

Cut me loose. Win or lose the ice will melt

Two by two, with plastic brooms we clean the cage

Can we make it through life in this zoo another day?

Wait a minute. We can get right in it. Everything is spinning.

Then we seem to be

Looking down, at the ground, all around, living loud

Feeling we’ve been cheated, history repeated, following the

leader. When it’s time to be there

They’re behind the lines, behind the times, behind the lies, (they’re) on both sides

Truth and treat it. Conceive and seed it. If we’re gonna beat it, then we’re gonna need to see

Spit and sweat. You can bet, it’s not the worst, ain’t seen it yet

I believe that you can be the what you want the world to be

So, hold on now!

What do we do, skeleton crew? We are the last

Wave after wave. Captain crazed, lashed to the mast

No land in sight. [We/You] must fight to stay alive

It’s the last big boon. If you believe it’s true, we can survive

The sun will set. But you can bet we’ll light the stage

And we will dance, like it’s our last chance to [turn/burn] the page

Like lightning glass; it happens fast. [We’ll/You’ll] be reborn

With tender skin, that’s paper thin, but can’t be torn

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