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Make A Mess by Adam Labeaux

If it’s all the same

I think I want to stay

Right (here) where we are

Just a few minutes more before

It goes away. (And) maybe starts to fade

Like a dream I had last night. But it’s real alright

and I’m amazed every single day

I get to wake up and see your light in my life (hey)

…Make a mess with me

(It) seems every time I learn, caressing your curves

There are no words to say what I’m thinking (no)

And we get stoned when we’re alone

I feel a peace upon me and a reasonable excuse

Just to smile. And hold it in a little while

Before I exhale and sing/say

…Make a mess with me

Oh, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying (believe me)

It could be so easy

…Make a mess with me

It’s just a little rain. Let’s go out and play

(And) I’ll keep you warm like a summer storm

(And) I can smell your hair. And your barely there

Dress clinging to your body like a silhouette. Oh, yes.

And you can bet, I don’t want to crest just yet on this wave I’m riding.

…Make a mess with me

It’s just life, and it takes time

To figure out the rules, and know what you can do, or don’t

Move too fast. You’ve got to make it last

You just get one. So let’s have some fun

(I say) Just take a chance, and whenever you can,

(You) don’t (have to) take it so seriously

…Make a mess with me

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