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Straw Man by Adam Labeaux

Blood-drained white, your fingers look like bone

Gun-metal grip(ped). And everything in slow motion

Valkyries singing/howling overhead

The ground shakes, and the roses are painted red


Straw man I know just what you’re feeling

Straw man It’s too late to change

Straw man, you fall so freely. You burn so easy

(and) You’re drawn like a moth to the flame


In your pocket is a picture, and a letter home

(But) The sweat from your chest makes the writing run

Mind full of murder and entropy

A twisted cross around your neck that cannot see


Smell that iron in the air

You want to close your eyes. But you’ve got to bear

Down the chain, just like rain

Falling from the sky don’t want to die (no)


Beyond the smoke and out of view

Is another straw man just like you

And in their thrones, and in the clear

Is every (fucking) fat cat that [put/sent] us here



Your heart a drum. The sky aglow.

You crest the ridge. Against A red sun rising/sinking low

Somewhere someone cuts the stone

You hear the pipes call you home… (snare hit)

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