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The Big Reveal by Adam Labeaux

Count up slowly. See the numbers in your head

You don’t know me. That’s not your fault, but here I am

Gonna live. Gonna fight. Maybe love fall

I cannot be satisfied, and it will occupy your thoughts

Hungry now, and on the prowl, and on the wall

You give in conditionally, but you give it your all

It’s the best of both worlds

You are not convincing, no. I’m so unsure

My heart is on a spinning wheel. Choking on the big reveal

In a corner the shadows grow so tall

Getting warmer with the weight of a resolve

I hear the sound, and as it pounds against the walls

The waves or mem’ry keep crashing on the cause

You aren’t free ‘cause all you see is just a dream

I give in conditionally, and I give it my all

It’s the best of both worlds

I cannot convince you, no. You’re so unsure

Your heart is on a spinning wheel. Choking the big reveal

Burn the candles. Burn the bridges at both ends

I can’t handle you and I will not be friends

It’s just a song, it’s been so long we danced at all

I have to find the peace of mind, (where) I could’ve caught your fall

But you weren’t there, and I was scared, and I was small

We gave in/un conditionally, but we gave it our all

It’s the best of both worlds

There is no convincing, no. We’re still unsure

The horizon’s on a spinning wheel. Choking on the big reveal

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