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The River by Adam Labeaux

Light off. Light on. Look for reason

Like a bird of season, it was leaving, now it’s gone

Carry on

Twisting turning, but barely learning

Should be discerning about my place, and the place where I belong

Am I wrong?

There’s no right choice. For every turn

There’s uncertain road, and bridge to burn

I’ve got to find a way back to yesterday somehow

I’ve given in to entropy. I don’t know, but I want to believe

If I bleed enough will the river see me now

See me now

The wind/trees once told me from the leaves of/wind in old tea

What you find unfolding is a verse, in a chapter, in a tome

(But) I don’t know

I’ve been waiting patient. Prostrate and nascent

Juxtaposed, adjacent, to the ground, to the sky, to the fire

I’m just a f* on the pyre


Cracked and shaking. The plates pushing, breaking

It’s world unmaking itself in the image of a man

Was that the plan?

Lay low. Let go. You will hear the echo of the slow roll halo

And an imminent shockwave

Who will be saved?


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